An exhibition of Andrew McAttee’s Art on the 25th & 26th of October 2012

Andrew McAttee will be exhibiting his latest works of art in the Attic: an unconventional space on the top floor of a Victorian building in London. His work draws together inspiration from his background as a graffiti writer (STET), which spanned across three decades beginning in the 1980’s, along with his time as a Fine Art student where he became increasingly interested in Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. At first glance you’ll notice the hallmarks of bright, bold, eye-catching Pop Art but without a Coca-Cola reference: it’s the mood and shimmer of this movement he is most interested in. McAttee paints landscapes but not in the traditional sense, instead he aims to capture a spatial universe packed full of elements: liquids, gases, fire and multi-coloured spheres. Whilst text is increasingly present in his work, the narrative isn’t spelt out, luring the viewer into another world where anything is possible.

The pop-up show will consist of large-format paintings and a series of editions: including an exclusive giclee print titled “OHHHHMY!” which will be released on Thursday 25th of October at 6pm. On Friday 26th the event will continue from 7pm with DJs Nicholas Feel (Guess Who), Red Greg (Z Records) and Deux Spin creating a live soundtrack to the art and space. Through the art sales we are raising money for the London-based charity Kith & Kids (no. 1080972) who provide activities, opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities or autism.

For more information, and a biography of Andrew McAttee download our: Press Release.

Entry is guest-list only, please RSVP to: stating which date(s) you would like to attend.

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