Something in the Attic is a London-based art initiative combining visual art with music. Founded in 2012 by Cedric Bardawil, it provides a much-needed alternative to traditional art events by inviting visitors to experience work in an immersive environment. The initial series of exhibitions began in an abandoned attic, hence the name which has remained since branching out. His interest has been in working together with emerging artists across discipline, shows have encompassed a broad range of art from installation to figurative drawing, all of which have been accompanied by a carefully curated soundtrack. Cedric completed an MA in Contemporary Art, he runs the art advisory and art club: C. Bardawil. He works on these events together with Nick Hadfield, whose role is creative director and resident DJ. Nick completed a BA in Film Production, he produces and programs music for ReviveHER as well as a wide range of clients in the film and fashion industries.

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